Monday, August 27, 2012

Linen closet

Here are before and after pictures of our linen closet which became a catch-all full o bleh when we merged two houses.

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Halloween Art

Today, the kids and I were bored, so I got my preteens involved in making some Halloween art! Here is the first thing that is complete. We took scraps of fabric and tied it around an old bungee. We added a photo frame and some crepe paper and glitter and voila! Halloween wreath!

My preteen SON, surprisingly made the most of this! He had way too much fun! But shhh.... Don't tell him I told you that! Lol

Have a great day friends! More to come!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The pilgrimage & another Halloween craft

Throughout our life we have good and bad memories... Some of the good ones get suppressed until you have a day like I had Saturday. I remember the day well back in 1994, when a lady came through the store "The Limited", where I worked part-time. She commented on how helpful I was and mentioned her company's need to have someone like me on their team. She mentioned something about a commission structure, so I went and talked to her.

And the rest is history, which I suppressed until the paulkbunch and I journeyed through a major thunderstorm to go down to Austin for tax free weekend, the city where it all began. It was a time in my life where I finally took life by the reins and made it mine... I felt like much of my life had been planned up until my dear friend who was in my sorority at school attempted suicide under intense pressure and scrutiny and after making some very poor choices. I realized that it wasn't the path I wanted to take. It was so traumatic watching this all happen in fact, my life was never the same.

All at about the same time, the manager of Nine West recruited me and I just knew it was my ticket to a future, (I was 19 and thought I knew it all, I didn't) and it was a decision that forever changed my life. For better or for worse, the path forked and Saturday the memories came flooding back. I remember what I wore to my interview even how I wore my shoulder length red hair. I walked into the store with the confidence of a runway model to talk to the manager, Kelly and Kevin who was the assistant manager. Those conversations and first impressions as well as the decisions I made after them changed the course of my life. I moved up through the ranks and was not only the youngest store manager in my region, I also plowed through my supervisors expectations and made a huge impact on Nine West & 9&Co as a brand in Texas. I ended up leaving to pursue my bachelors but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!

This was another reminder to pave my OWN path through this road called life!!! I just know I'm a different and better person because of my experience there.

We took the bird houses that the kids made during the summer months, ad we are going to make some black birds to put in them. We made a "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" banner and put it up, looks small, but for now it's cute! I used some black crepe paper, tape, black card stock and tape, a ruler and a stapler to make the banner. FREE!!! Sweetness!

Next... Bats and a glitter spider web!

Have a great day friends!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Even MORE Good News!!!

Well we have had a huge amount of wonderful news the last few days.

First and most importantly, my Dad's cancer screenings showed that the cancer has likely not spread to other areas of his body. Though it scored high on the Gleason scale, we are all hopeful that they caught it early. His surgery is next week, and we are hopeful that they will be able to remove everything. Please continue to pray.

We closed on the sale of our current house and are now in the process of building our new one. It should be ready by Christmas! The hope is that we are able to have a smooth transition. Though this is an emotional time for the family because they have owned this property for a long time, our sincere prayer is that this new house is filled with love and new memories.

The new house... Well, It has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and has a huge back yard, one story on a cul-de-sac. Energy star rated and huge kitchen and a great porch out back, too! The elementary is exemplary and close to everything, yet still tucked away in a quiet gated community. It's a great layout, and should have more than enough space for all of us. We're ready!

The last few months have been a huge adjustment for everyone. We have been here almost six months! Time flies...

It's been a rocky road with a lot of challenges. My kids and I moved from the city to the country. I went from being a single mom, working full time to full time mom. Mr. P and I went from single dad of four to having three new roommates. We had a round strep throat. There was a staph infection, ear infections, spine injections, a breast cancer scare (whew!). One of our cats got killed by a car, and on the same day, the dogs found a rabid skunk. We found out my dad has cancer. We've confronted emotional preteens, toddler "mine" issues, a few seizures and many other challenges... But with all that, I am extremely pleased to say that things are good, even with a few bumps along the way... Our marriage is stronger because of these challenges. We are building a strong foundation for our kids and are praying every day for their health.

It's my opinion that marriage is a whirlwind roller coaster of good and bad, it's just important that we look down the roller coaster with all of its ups and downs and don't let go of each other. I am by no means an expert on relationships, but the awesome Mr. P and I really enjoying this. Thank you so much for your support!

Goodnight friends,

Monday, June 25, 2012

High Point, Little Point...

Every night at home, we go around the room and share our daily "high point", "low point" and "prayer request", and then we say The Lord's Prayer. We also do this at Cousin's Camp.

Our son Malcolm, has said, "My LITTLE point" instead of "My LOW point" for the longest time... Well tonight, I attempted to trip him up by saying.. When it was my turn, "My LITTLE point is..." and he interrupted me to say, "IT'S LOW!!!" and was followed by robust echoes of laughter from all the siblings and grandparents and cousins gathered at Cousin's Camp this week.

Thank you, Malcolm for such an awesome moment!

And thanks to Mrs. Claire for teaching Aiden, who is only three and has epilepsy and CP, how to ride a horse! These are my "HIGH POINTS!!!" for the week so far!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on Dad!!!

Update on Dad:: PRAISE GOD!!! Bone Scan and MRI were both negative for the spread of the cancer!!! Surgery in a few weeks, they still have to test lymph nodes, and waiting on MRI of head for another issue, but SO FAR SO GOOD!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paulk Bunch News Update...

Well summer is here and is well under way. The kids are going to all be descending on my parents house this weekend for the annual Morgan Cousins Camp. Its going to be different this year because there are four new cousins. The dynamic is most certainly going to be different to say the least.

The other few tidbits of news we have are....

My dad has prostate cancer. I am worried about him, but realize that it is likely that his is very common and likely quite treatable because they caught it early. He has been very proactive with his health the last few years, and that will hopefully pay off.

The kids are all doing well right now and though they are all still getting used to being "blended", I think it's going well. They are also healthy! Aiden and Sophie have both been cleared for SIX MONTHS!

As far as Adam and I go, I do not know if I could be much happier than I am right now. He is my soul mate in every way, and we are so blessed to have found each other. I don't think either of us really knew what real connection could feel like before now. I am so thankful that God put us together!

and... Last but not least... We are selling our house! Hopefully we will close next week. We are so excited about moving into a home that will be closer to our church and friends and not to mention better schools for the kiddos!

It's an exciting time to be a part of the Paulk Bunch!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Soccer moms

I am officially a Suburban driving soccer mom. I can honestly say that I didn't see this coming a few years ago. It was me and Sophie and we were doing just fine... Well you all know the rest of the story. Thankfully the "happy ending" to the tale that is my life... Well it wasn't an ending at all, but rather a new beginning.

This week has been a real roller coaster. We had a major leak in the plumbing in the master suite, and now it looks like we'll be going back and forth with the insurance company. Thankfully a friend of Adams knows a former home builder that is open to new contracts. He's coming over every day or so and should be able to give us an estimate for the repair.

The kids' soccer practices have all started and games start Saturday. I'm so excited to see how much they've all progressed with two good practices under their belts.

Today I am home with the two little ones. We are doing our letters, colors, numbers and shapes. All my day care training is going to good use! And they're eating it up! They love being together!

Have a great day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Big announcement!

Well... The time for our big announcement has come. A big new arrival has been in the works for a few months now. I know some of you were wondering when we were going to take the leap of faith to announce this, and the time has come!!!

I wanted you to be the first ones to know our big news because a change like this is just what we need!!! Are you ready!!?? Have we kept you in suspense long enough?? I am excited to say, the "big news" I'm referring to is our newest delivery!! I've traded my Honda Accord in for a nice used white Suburban!

What did you think I was talking about?? Lol

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paulk bunch update:

Well PT And another steroid injection have been prescribed by my new orthopedist, whom I really like. Luckily he said my condition, although degenerative, should be helped a great deal. Unfortunately, I have to wait a few weeks to see the pain people for the injection and you have to wait to start PT until after the injections.... So I wait.... All the while wishing to be able to do more. We DID just move... Lol

Meanwhile, we're all passing around the upper respiratory stuff. In the process, Aiden and Sophie and I got to meet the new pediatric group who made a great first impression as well. I'm hopeful that the system and the doctors are as good ad they seem to be. Also, I was encouraged by a strong support staff. Hopefully we wont need to lean on them too terribly much, but they were also very nice.

Well, today marks three days as a full time home mom. Though I haven't gotten a true taste of what it will really be like, I am hopeful that the things we put in place this week will help next week go smoothly. We are expecting a ton of "Who moved my cheese" but I think as long as everyone has 'their space' it should still be all right.

Goodnight friends,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Running around...

Well today was filled with a lot of running around. Sophie HAS to get registered for school, so we did that and then I came home and rested while the boys rested. I'm hopeful that the kids at Sophie's new school will be nice to her! She officially starts tomorrow so I'll keep y'all posted. It's exciting to be able to be with the kids so much. Aiden had a blast today with Malcolm. They're six months apart and act like twins. It's incredibly cute to watch.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and we have something special planned for the school aged kids so I should have a ton of fun running errands after I get Sophie enrolled and started.

Y'all have a nice evening! I'm SO looking forward to going to the back doctor on Wednesday so I'll keep y'all posted on that too.

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Half way there!!!

Well the hard part is over! Leaving behind over three years of a total roller coaster ride for a lifetime of another. With the past behind us, miracles have happened and I know we will grow in love and have a lifetime of ups and downs along the way. The great part is... Now neither of us have to ride be roller coaster alone.

Will update more later... Here's Aiden, my personal tape dispenser!

And Sophie, happy to be starting a future with a role model like Adam. We are truly blessed!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The day before moving day...

Today is the day before we move.

Aiden and I are both home resting. Aiden is the youngest of the Paulk Bunch (age 2). Aiden has pneumonia and strep. Someone forgot to tell him that it's moving day tomorrow!

Boxes are piled to the ceiling and rain slowly trickles down from the roof outside. I'm praying that the rain stops long enough for us to load up tomorrow and make the trip 150 miles to the west northwest to central Texas where we can enjoy the togetherness of the family and fruits of our labors for the last few months on our house!

We have a great house! It was built in the 1960's, and though energy efficiency wasn't at the top of their list, we're gradually modernizing and this is going to be a great family home. In fact, it already is!

Stay tuned for before and after pictures! It's amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can accomplish!

Welcome to the Paulk Bunch Blog!

This blog will follow the big new adventure of the Paulk Bunch! We are a blended family living in beautiful central Texas! We were married in December of 2011 and are overjoyed to be joining our two families into one!!! The Dad of four kiddos, Adam, and the Mom to two, Jodi (that's me), are now parents to SIX great kids! So exciting! We hope you will join us on our fun filled journey as a family of EIGHT!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Paulk Bunch

Here's a story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up a girl and a boy
Both of them had hair of red, like their mother
The youngest one in curls

Here's a story of a man named Paulk
Who was bringing up four kids of his own
Two girls & three young men, living all together
but they were all alone

'Til the one day when the lady met this fellow
They knew that it was much more than a hunch
That this group, must somehow form a family

That's the way we all became The Paulk Bunch, The Paulk Bunch
That's the way we all became The Paulk Bunch!