Monday, June 25, 2012

High Point, Little Point...

Every night at home, we go around the room and share our daily "high point", "low point" and "prayer request", and then we say The Lord's Prayer. We also do this at Cousin's Camp.

Our son Malcolm, has said, "My LITTLE point" instead of "My LOW point" for the longest time... Well tonight, I attempted to trip him up by saying.. When it was my turn, "My LITTLE point is..." and he interrupted me to say, "IT'S LOW!!!" and was followed by robust echoes of laughter from all the siblings and grandparents and cousins gathered at Cousin's Camp this week.

Thank you, Malcolm for such an awesome moment!

And thanks to Mrs. Claire for teaching Aiden, who is only three and has epilepsy and CP, how to ride a horse! These are my "HIGH POINTS!!!" for the week so far!

Talk to you soon,

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