Monday, April 21, 2014

The Simplicity of Organizing Crayons

Okay, so this is silliness but it has really helped my boys. We have taken the time to go through our crayons and sort them by color. Then, we bagged up the extras and gave them to our church for their "kids packs". Another idea is to take them to the local children's cancer center to allow them to use them in their lobby.

We sorted them by color and then put them in little cups by color inside of a $1 bin from Walmart.

Here is the finished product!

Getting punched in the face at Easter!

So this happened..... as we were walking into church this morning, saying hello to some of our friends, some of our new friends, whom I absolutely love, came over to say hi to my smallest child, the mostly mild mannered one, the four almost five year old... 

This woman is a true friend. I haven't met someone like her in years. Like, someone-I-know-has-my-back kind of friend.... I had friends like her in my home town where I would see them and they would somehow instinctively know I didn't feel well, or delight with me when things went well. And, we sort of rode this roller coaster of life together. Like good girlfriends do. I have only met a few of these ladies since landing in my new town and I hold each of them in high regard.

Well, anywho... I was distracted by another friend for a brief second and the next thing I know my sweet son had punched her in the face!!! I, of course, was MORTIFIED, and my husband took him aside and discussed how that was an inappropriate way to greet someone. But, wow.... That happened.... On Easter Sunday. At Church. 

What do you say, sorry my kid punched you in the face, on Easter Sunday??? At Church.... " I can't wait to see you at bible study!?" I wanted to bury my head!

But this is was what was so awesome....  She came up to me after the sermon and I loved her neck and again apologized, and She had the most grace-filled response. She said you know, he's a boy. He's four. And, it doesn't bother me, I don't have little ones in the house anymore so I don't even worry about it, y'all are way more worried about it than me. 

This was just the lesson that I needed this Easter.