Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meet the Paulk Bunch!!

I have started a YouTube channel... Come check it out! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Spruce Ups

So this week has been a great time to clean and spruce up the inside of the house for Valentine's Day. 

So I rearranged the living room. Here is the after shot. Very happy to have a spot for everyone to sit and we can still push the couch back to the wall and move the coffee table back for game night. 

Then, I decided I needed to spruce up and make / find some Valentines Day decor. We have some special guests coming for a Valentine's Day dinner so we wanted it to be special.

So... At Target, I got these few items.

Hearts for the back door... $1 each, they're felt and look super cute. And yes I need to clean off the porch, but it's been too cold for that this week so far...

Then... I got a table runner for $3!

Then, I found this awesome little banner that was also $3! The boys and I had fun putting it together.

And I also made the black and white box behind the banner, I'll be posting on that soon.

So then we went to the Dollar Tree. Everything was $1. 

Pink plant stakes - 7/$1

Zebra placemats! If it's wrong to LOVE these, then I don't wanna be right!

And then... 

Some orchid looking flowers to go on the display on the pass through to the living room...

Each sprig... $1.00! Yippee!!!

So, then we took some old scrapbook paper, some card stock and cut hearts. Then I put everyone's name on one and hung them up. Turned out too cute.

Hope you felt inspired to decorate your little corner of the world for Valentine's Day. Love is in the air!

Have a great day friends!!!