Thursday, January 30, 2014

When bad stuff happens!!!!

So here is my rant for the day... People sometimes ask me how I hold it together... Just remember we need to be thankful for all the blessings we have, and try not to worry too much because God's GOT THIS! 

I know it's infuriating sometimes when life throws bad stuff your way, but all we can control is ALWAYS doing right by the kids and taking care of OUR future.

And please understand, I am upset about what we have to face sometimes too! However, if we let OUR lives continually get wrapped in the negativity and/or make bad choices, the enemy WINS. And I REFUSE to let that happen!!!

We are victors and we (us and God) win when everyone grows up healthy and happy and we forgive the past and move on with OUR  FUTURE!

We HAVE to rise above it all...

With God, we CAN!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Staying on track

This new year I want to stay on track. Be consistent and deliberate in everything I do and make time to be creative because that is my outlet! 

Lately, I've been going through things that I had at my old office. You see, I was laid off back in November and went through a very hectic time during the holidays and these boxes had been cluttering up my life since then. I have created a home office space in our bedroom for now. It's not much but it will do.  

I have established a cleaning schedule that I can work around the home school time with the boys. It's not fool proof, but it will allow me to get everything done and still have some downtime for blogging and creating things.

Here is what I did yesterday. My grandmother had these two plaques in her bathroom when we were little so I painted the wood trim black, the hangers silver and hung them in the girls' bathroom. I hope they like them as much as I do!

So there it is, the bathrooms are complete. So thrilled with our teamwork!

My husband bought stained, poly'd and installed the cabinets and I did the organizing, cleaning and decorating.

And here is the girls' bath...

Combined, the bathrooms cost us about $200 in stain, poly and cabinetry purchased. The shower curtain was ours. The girls white memory foam bath mat was at SAMs for about $15, and the boys shower curtain was a gift and the monkey bath mat was bought at Target, both we've had forever. The toothbrush holder cups were $1 each and I bought 6, one for each kid. They were in the office supply section at Dollar Tree.

More to come!!!

Have a great day!