Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paulk bunch update:

Well PT And another steroid injection have been prescribed by my new orthopedist, whom I really like. Luckily he said my condition, although degenerative, should be helped a great deal. Unfortunately, I have to wait a few weeks to see the pain people for the injection and you have to wait to start PT until after the injections.... So I wait.... All the while wishing to be able to do more. We DID just move... Lol

Meanwhile, we're all passing around the upper respiratory stuff. In the process, Aiden and Sophie and I got to meet the new pediatric group who made a great first impression as well. I'm hopeful that the system and the doctors are as good ad they seem to be. Also, I was encouraged by a strong support staff. Hopefully we wont need to lean on them too terribly much, but they were also very nice.

Well, today marks three days as a full time home mom. Though I haven't gotten a true taste of what it will really be like, I am hopeful that the things we put in place this week will help next week go smoothly. We are expecting a ton of "Who moved my cheese" but I think as long as everyone has 'their space' it should still be all right.

Goodnight friends,

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