Friday, August 22, 2014

Yep... Thats MY kid...

Last night was meet the teacher at my children's elementary school. This year we have three in elementary and three in middle school. What happened is straight up the most amazing moment in back to school history. Ever. Stay tuned...

So here's how it all went down. We walked toward the school and even though I have had four other children go through the doors of that school before, it occurred to me that this will be the last meet the teacher of kindergarten for any of my kids. Ever. Snif...

I have been blessed to be a part of my four bonus kids' lives for over three years now and the bonds have sunk in. We have them all the time except a few weekends a month so it's been awesome to get to know my kids better this summer. They're amazing, and hilarious, and mischievous and insane, and it's just fun. Especially when, after Aiden was born they told me I couldn't have more children and now I am privileged to get to be bonus mom to FOUR more. That's six! I sometimes feel like the old woman in the shoe, but mostly it's just fun. Never a dull moment.

This has been an amazing journey for me, but for my littlest ones M & A it's just beginning. For A, it was a blessing for us that he was placed in a class with other kids he knew already through activities at church and he even knows his teacher! Yay! His reaction was awesome.

It says so much... "I don't want to take this picture. I didn't initiate this picture. Haven't you gotten enough pictures, mom? Why is everyone staring at me?"

But in the end it's "pure awesomeness..."

Here's the normal pic of li'l man so you know what is non-goofball face looks like.

Happy Back to School, Friends!


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